Best practices for large or scaled retrospectives.

Retrium team rooms can support an unlimited number of retrospective participants

These large retrospectives are more challenging to run than a retrospective with a small team, however, that does not mean the benefits are not worth the effort!

Tips to facilitate a retrospective for large groups

Before the Retrospective

  • If possible, invite your users to access Retrium a few days in advance of the retrospective (especially if this is their first time) to ensure you do not have to troubleshoot the day of the event.
  • Set your Team Room to Public so that all users can easily access the team room.
  • When participants can access the room in advance, it also gives them a chance to get familiar and play around with the app before the day of the retrospective.

The Retrospective

  • Create a set of working agreements so that participants respect the space and are not clicking things they should not (for example, taking over facilitation duties). You may want to type this and distribute it in advance of the retrospective. But you should definitely review it at the beginning of the retrospective with all participants.
  • Large retrospectives can be assisted by asynchronous data collection. Once everyone has access to Retrium, encourage them to submit their feedback in advance of the meeting, so you can focus the meeting on the discussion with the group, rather than waiting for participants to think and type.
  • And, finally, for the Group phase, you may want to consider an alternative grouping technique. Rather than have all participants group, you may consider using Designated Grouping.

If you would like additional help running your large retrospective, please email and one of our Customer Success managers will help you with any questions you may have.