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How does billing work for Business and Enterprise Edition plans?

Billing is annual and paid in advance. Order forms and invoices will include a quantity of unique team room licenses that can be used throughout the contract term. If the number of Team Rooms allotted is exceeded, it will result in an overage.

If you have an active subscription, you can check your renewal date by reviewing your contract or navigating to the Administration tab in Retrium. 

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How are Team Room licenses managed?

  • Active - A room that is available to use for retrospectives, managing action items, and viewing the history. 
  • Deactivated - A room where you cannot view the action plan or retrospective history and cannot run retrospectives in that Team Room. Any information in the Team Room is preserved. 
  • Used License - a license is considered used when a Team Room is used to run at least one activity during the contract term. The used license is tied to the unique ID of the team room. 

❗️The status of the team room (active or deactivated) does not impact the license utilization. Only usage of the team room affects license utilization. 

Org Admins can keep track of available licenses in real-time within Retrium. You can view the number of Team Room licenses used as well as which Team Rooms are using a license from your organization's home page. You can also see the total number of Team Room licenses used from the Administration tab and when creating a new Team Room.


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What are license overages and how do they affect me?

A license overage occurs when more licenses are used than the number of licenses purchased in one or more order forms. Depending on your account settings, you may be able to incur overages or not. 

License overages are prorated and invoiced automatically when adding team rooms beyond the contractual amount mid-contract. The prorated cost of license overages is based on the remaining number of months in the contract term.

💡Contact your Account Manager if you have questions about your account or if you'd like to purchase additional licenses. 

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Is there a pricing plan for user licenses?

Yes, user-based plans are available on our Enterprise Edition.

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How do I purchase Business or Enterprise Edition?

You can compare plans here to see which is best for your organization. If you'd like to contact our sales team regarding Business Edition, please fill out this form. If you'd like to contact our sales team regarding Enterprise Edition, please fill out this form.

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What is included in your SLA?

Our standard SLA includes a 99.9% uptime guarantee. We are happy to discuss variations on our standard SLA for Enterprise Edition customers. Additional fees will apply.

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Do you offer an on-prem version of Retrium?

No, not at this time and there are currently no plans to do so. We hope you will trust us to provide a quality, secure environment for your retrospectives.

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What single sign-on providers do you support?

We can connect to any SAML-compliant identity provider. Learn more here.

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If any other questions come up, please don't hesitate to email us at or contact us here!