Custom Radar

Learn how to create and facilitate a custom radar technqiue

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If you're looking to decide a topic of your retrospective that’s either broader or more specific than your last iteration or a project you just completed, a custom radar is the best way to go. 

Facilitating the Process

After starting the custom radar retrospective in Retrium, you’ll be prompted to label up to 7 spokes with words that represent the potential topics you’d like the team to rate. Before moving from the “define” phase to the “collect” phase, be sure to create shared agreement amongst the team as to the definition of each label. Once the team has provided ratings during the “collect” phase, you’ll be able to explore where there’s agreement and where there are high or low scores during the “analyze” step.

Analyzing the Results

Depending on what you’re assessing, finding areas of either agreement or disagreement and higher or lower scores suggest areas of future discussion. Once you and your team have decided on where you want to explore something more deeply, we suggest running a column-based retrospective as a way to gather more insights and have a deeper discussion on that topic. 

If you have a unique way that you’ve used the custom radar retrospective with your team, we’d love to hear from you! Send us a note at