How to set up domain permissions

Need to limit access to Retrium for users of a particular domain? Read on to find out more!

This article applies to: 

Business and Enterprise Editions

Org Admins

Org Admins can manage the specific email domain(s) that can be invited to join a Team Room for a retrospective. There are two types of domains—permanent email domains and editable email domains.

Permanent email domains

By default, any domains configured for single sign-on (SSO) will be listed as a permanent email domain. These can only be edited by contacting the Retrium Customer Experience team

Editable email domains

You can add an unlimited number of email domains to your list. To add domains, Org Admins can:

  1. Navigate to the Administration tab and scroll down to Domain Permissions
  2. Type the domain you'd like to add (example: and click Add

💡Editable domains can also be deleted by an Org Admin by clicking and holding on the trashcan icon



❗Removing a domain will not automatically remove members with that email domain. You will need to return to the Members tab, search for the domain and select to remove those users.