Organizations are a way to connect every person and Team Room in your company under one shared billing account. They are an easy way to organize and view all the people and teams you work with that use Retrium, regardless of whether you have one or one hundred teams running retrospectives.

At an Organization level, you can

  • Manage your organization member list
  • Assign roles and permissions
  • Purchase a subscription
  • Manage your billing information
  • View the list of Team Rooms (unless you are a Guest or Organization Visitor)

When you start a free trial, an organization is created with a single team room. If you were invited to join Retrium by an email invitation or link you will not need to set up an Organization. 

Edit an Existing Organization

Only Organization Admins can update Organization settings through the Administration tab.  Here you can:

  • Edit the name of the Organization
  • Purchase and update your subscription
  • Update billing information
  • Download invoices

Create a New Organization

If you joined an existing account on Retrium and would like to create a new organization, follow these steps. 

  1. Navigate to the "user settings" menu in the top right corner of the application, and click on the button to create a new free trial. If this button is unavailable, it means you have already used your one free trial account or your company does not allow this action.

2. This will open the menu to answer a few questions and set up your new Organization.

enter your information for your new free trial of Retrium

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