Everyone starts on the free trial plan, and the subscription page will let you know how many days you have left in your trial. When you're ready to upgrade to a paid version of Retrium you'll be able to purchase a Team Edition subscription from within the application. It takes less than a minute to get up-and-running! 

What you need to know

  • Only Organization Admins can upgrade an account. 

Upgrade your Subscription

  1. From the Organization Home, navigate to the "Administration" tab. 
  2. Click to Purchase Subscription, this will open a new page that summarizes the pricing and features available in Retrium, and you can click "Purchase Subscription" to add in your billing details. For each activated Team Room, you'll be charged $29 right away.
  3. Add your name, credit card information, and billing address and click "Confirm" to purchase your subscription. 
  4. Once you complete payment you'll be able to enter a billing email. The billing email will receive a payment receipt after the credit card is charged each month.

Update Payment and Billing Information

You can always update your payment information from the "Administration" tab. Many people add a shared email address for receipts, invoices, or accounts payable as their billing email. This page will also include your invoices when they're ready to view.

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