When you create a new Team Room or reactivate a previously deactivated Team Room, it will increase the cost of your Retrium subscription. If you need any help before you purchase Retrium, let us know! Please reach out to help@retrium.com with your questions.

**Only those with Org Admin or Org Manager permissions can create or reactivate Team Rooms.

For Team Edition customers:

Each new or reactivated Team Room is $29 per month because it is considered an activated Team Room when it is created or reactivated. You'll see the cost of the new or reactivated Team Room reflected on your next Retrium sales receipt.

Upgrading from a Free Trial:

You can create as many Team Rooms as you would like during your free trial of Retrium. Before you upgrade your subscription, you may want to deactivate any Team Rooms you don't plan to use going forward, so that these Team Rooms are not included on your first Retrium bill. All currently activated Team Rooms are automatically added to your first bill, and you'll be able to see the number of Team Rooms you are purchasing before you checkout.

For Enterprise Edition customers:

Your Customer Success Manager can help you understand how many named Team Rooms are available on your subscription and when you'll need to upgrade, so please reach out to them for assistance.

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