If you plan to use Retrium at any point in the future, you don't need to cancel! Instead, you can opt to deactivate all your Team Rooms and you won't be billed for any Team Rooms that remain deactivated for the entirety of your billing cycle. You aren't able to view the history or action plan of a deactivated Team Room, but it will be there when you activate the Team Room. When you're ready to use Retrium again, activate the Team Rooms you want to use and everything will be there for you.

If you no longer wish to use Retrium, you may cancel at any time and for any reason (though we'd hate to see you leave!). Please send an email to support@retrium.com to cancel your account and share with us the billing email address for the account and the reason for cancellation.

When you cancel your account, you may run retrospectives for the remainder of your billing cycle. Unfortunately we are not able to offer pro-rated refunds for any Retrium plan.

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