Before running your first retrospective in Retrium you'll want to be sure you've:

  1. Signed up for Retrium through our website or via an email invitation
  2. Have a Team Room created for the retrospective
  3. Invited your teammates to your Team Room before you begin the retrospective

Once that's all good to go, you're ready for your first retro!

Here's how to run your first retrospective

  1. Log into Retrium and navigate to the Team Room where you want to run your first retrospective.
  2. Once you're in the Team Room, you can use the blue action menu in the bottom right of the screen to select your retrospective technique. You can choose one of our templates for sticky notes in columns or team radars formats or create one from scratch without a template.
  3. Once everyone is present in your Team Room and you've determined which technique you want to use, it's time to start the retrospective. If you plan to facilitate, read more about your role as the retrospective facilitator.

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