There may be times that you want to discontinue the use of a Retrium Team Room. When you no longer wish to run retrospectives, view the retrospective history, or see the action plan within that Team Room, you can deactivate it. The deactivated Team Room will still be available within your account, should you ever want to activate it again, but you won't be able to do anything within the Team Room until it is reactivated.

Deactivating a Team Room can be done at any point during a billing cycle and the Team Room will not be included on your next Retrium bill.

**Because deactivating a Team Room can affect the cost of your Retrium subscription, this action is only available to those with the Org Admin or Org Manager roles.

To Deactivate a Team Room:

  1. Navigate to your Organization and click the name of the Team Room you wish to deactivate from the list of Team Rooms
  2. Once you're in the Team Room, select the gear icon near the name of the Team Room to open the Team Room settings modal
  3. From the Team Room settings modal, click the "Deactivate" button in top right corner to deactivate the Team Room
  4. You'll then be asked to confirm the deactivation of the Team Room, and an email notification of the Team Room's deactivation will be sent to all current Team Room Members
  5. Once you deactivate the Team Room, you'll see a message that confirms the deactivation and also a button to re-activate the Team Room, should you ever want to use it again

**Once the Team Room is deactivated, it will no longer be included in future Retrium charges, as long as the Team Room remains deactivated for the entirety of the billing period. 

Reactivate a Team Room

If you ever want to re-activate a Team Room, you can navigate back to the Team Room once again, click the button that says "Activate this Team Room" and confirm the activation of the Team Room.

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