Whenever you sign up for a free trial account of Retrium, whether it's through our marketing website or by creating a free trial Organization from within the application, you'll always be prompted to create your first Team Room as part of signing up for Retrium. 

This article will cover how to create new team rooms, and specifically, a new Team Room within an existing Organization. 

Why would I want to create a new Team Room?

Team Rooms are the place where retrospectives happen, they are private to those who have permission to interact and view the information. 

Only those with permission to join a team room can participate in retrospectives and view the retrospective history. Additionally, each Team Room has its own action plan, where you are your team can decide on tasks you want to accomplish. To maintain psychological safety and trust, each team within your Organization should have their own Team Room.

You'll want to create a new Team Room any time you add another team of people who want to use Retrium. 

Who can create a new Team Room?

The cost of a Retrium subscription is determined based upon the number of activated  Team Rooms. Any new Team Room will add to the cost of our product. Because of this, only those in your Organization with Org Manager or Org Admin permissions are able to create new Team Rooms for your company.

If you need a new Team Room, you can contact an Org Manager or Org Admin within your company to create it for you or request that your permissions be upgraded to Org Manager or Org Admin, so that you can create new Team Rooms on behalf of your company.

How do I create a new Team Room?

  1. Before creating the Team Room, be sure you are logged into the Retrium Organization where you want to create the new Team Room and that you have Org Manager or Org Admin permissions for that Organization.
  2. You'll see the list of Team Rooms and a button labeled "+ New Team Room."
  3. Click that button to open the modal for creating a new Team Room.
  4. Type in the name of your new Team Room and click "Next".
  5. You will be listed as a member of this Team Room and have the option to invite others to join this Team Room from the creation modal. Just type in the emails of your teammates (whether they are already part of your Organization or not) and click the "Invite" button to send them an email to join this new Team Room.
  6. From there, each person will receive those email invitations and can follow the instructions to become a member of your Team Room.
  7. Once you have invited everyone, you can click "Done" and you'll be redirected to the Team Room page, where you can always change the settings for the Team Room, add more members to the Team Room, or start a retrospective.
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