A single retrospective can be open and active in a Team Room at a time. However, Retrium's "continue retrospective" functionality allows you to hit pause on a retrospective and start another one, then return to the original retro.  

This feature is extremely helpful if you collect feedback during your sprint, and would like to run an exercise at the beginning of your retro before continuing to discuss the feedback. 

End a Retrospective

  1. Close the retro by navigating to blue button in the bottom-right corner. 
  2. Click the gear icon, then select to "end the retrospective." You can end a retrospective during any phase and it will save to the retrospective history.

Continue a Retrospective

  1. When you are ready to return to your retrospective, make sure there are no active retrospectives in your team room, then navigate to "View Retro History."
  2. Find the retrospective you would like to continue, then click the circular arrow icon. This button will be grayed out if you have an active retrospective in the team room. 
  3. Click "continue" to re-open the retrospective to the phase when it was last ended.
  4. Proceed with your retrospective as normal. 

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