Whether your team is distributed across time zones or you want to collect thoughts during the work cycle – either way, asynchronous retrospectives can be very helpful to run.

How to Setup an Asynchronous Retrospective

  1. Ensure all of your team has access to or has been invited to the team room.
  2. The facilitator will select a retrospective technique and begin the retrospective.
  3. Let your team know how long they have to provide feedback in the Think phase of the retrospective.

The retrospective room will remain open and available for all team members to enter their thoughts on the cards (or ratings, if it's a team radar) for the specified amount of time.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT advance the retrospective to the next phase until you are ready to Group. You cannot go back to previous phases.

Once your team has entered their feedback, you can continue to run the next phases asynchronously or you can transition to a real-time, collaborative retrospective. Looking for additional best practices? Send us a message at customerlove@retrium.com.

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