How can I export my action items and other retrospective data?

Learn what tools are integrated with Retrium and how to download and view action items and history

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Action Items

When you reach the Discuss phase of a column-style retrospective, the facilitator will have the opportunity to capture action items the team would like to follow up on once the retro is complete.

Action items can be exported to Jira Cloud or to a CSV file.

Export from the Discuss or Wrap Up Phase

  1. On the right-hand side, select the action item(s) you would like to export.

  2. Then click the Export to... then select Jira Cloud or CSV


Export from the Team Room Home Page

  1. From the Home tab of the Team Room, select Mark for export on the action item(s) you would like to export. 

  2. Click Export to... then select Jira Cloud or CSV



Sticky Note retrospective activities that are stored in your history can be exported to a CSV or TXT file.

💡 To preserve psychological safety, everything remains anonymous when exported.

To export your Sticky Note retro, click on the file type you'd like to export to, and your download will automatically start.