How and when should I use the "reveal notes" feature in Retrium?

Using the reveal notes feature allows you to utilize group brainstorming after private brainstorming to increase the collaborative function of your team

In the THINK phase of a retrospective each group member has time to privately brainstorm ideas and add notes to the retro. Private brainstorming is important as it gives all participants an even playing field while adding initial ideas to the template. Sometimes, though,  following the private brainstorm, a facilitator might choose to reveal the notes for everyone (the notes will remain anonymous but will be visible to all participants) to encourage more ideas or to increase the energy around the topic. Seeing other people's contributions can jog someone's memory of another idea they meant to add or can spur others to think deeper about the topic at hand. 

To reveal notes, the facilitator can click on the wheel icon at the bottom of the screen and select reveal notes for everyone

Facilitator; reveal notes for everyone

⚠️  Revealing the notes must be done before moving to the GROUP phase of the retro. Once you have moved on, you cannot go back.