How do I make an action item?

Before you can make an Action Item, you will need to run a retrospective. If you are new to Retrium, you can learn how to run your first retrospective here.

Add an Action Item

  1. Once you reach the Discuss phase you can create Action Items.
  2. Everyone will have an "Action Plan" heading on the right-hand side of their screen; however, only the facilitator will see the New Action Item button.
  3. The facilitator will type the Action Item in the box and click the checkmark when it is complete.
  4. Your new Action Item will appear in the list of Outstanding action items.
  5. The facilitator and retrospectives participants can click the three dots to make edits, if necessary.

What makes a great Action Item?

For tips, tricks, and guidance on how to make a great Action Item, check out our Ultimate Guide to Agile Retrospectives - Action Items.