How do I view the notes in the Think phase?

Collaboratively brainstorm and view the text during the Think phase of a column-style retrospective.

Retrium's Reveal Note functionality allows facilitators to run a collaborative brainstorm or Lean Coffee (TM) session.

When to use the Reveal Note feature

By default, when the facilitator initiates a Sticky-Note retrospective the text is blurred to encourage private brainstorming, which helps preserve psychological safety and prevent groupthink. However, there are times when seeing everyone's notes is a productive part of the brainstorming experience.

Collaborative Brainstorming

After your team has privately brainstormed, use the Reveal Note feature to allow for additional ideation and feedback together as a team before moving to the Group phase.

Lean Coffee (TM)

The Lean Coffee (TM) technique ensures that team members are on the same page and that all topics that team members want to cover will be addressed at the beginning of the retrospective (learn more). Use the Reveal Note feature to view and discuss these ideas as they are suggested.

How does Reveal Notes work?

To reveal the text of the cards before moving to the Group phase, the facilitator will:

  • Click on the gear icon in the bottom toolbar.

  • Select the option to "Reveal notes for everyone."

    Collaborative Brainstorn; reveal notes for everyone
  • You can click this again to "Blur notes for everyone."