How does the Close phase work?

Closing the retro is the fifth stage of running a highly effective retrospective.

🗒️ Learn more about the importance of closing your retrospectives here

To close the sticky-note retrospective activity, the facilitator will progress the team to the Close phase. Participants are presented with a question “was this retro worth our time?”

Retrium Close Phase

To respond, participants will click on a number to provide an anonymous rating on the scale of one through five:

  1. Definitely not worth our time
  2. Probably worth our time
  3. Worth our time
  4. A good use of our time
  5. An excellent use of our time

Like the Vote phase, the side panel on the left will show a dot next to any participants who have not rated the retrospective. These ratings are always anonymous.

📌 Rating something a three is not bad. If something is worth your time, that's a breakeven point and leaves room for improvement! 

See the Results

When all participants have cast their rating, the facilitator can click to review the results and get the average score. These results will become available in the team room history once the retrospective activity is ended.

Retrium Close Results Bar Graph

Determine next steps

You can end the retro and look for patterns another time or you can discuss:

  • What made this retro great?
  • What could have made this retro better?