How to access in-app reporting

Retrium now offers in-app reporting, providing real-time data and convenient access to your Team Room usage!

This article applies to:

All plans

Org Admins

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How to access reports

💡 Note that the reports you see may vary based on your plan. Downloading reports is an Enterprise Edition-only feature.

Follow these steps to access your reports:

  1. Ensure you're logged into Retrium and have selected your organization
  2. Go to the Reports tab located in the main navigation menu
  3. Select the report you want to view
  4. Browse your report data and sort as desired by clicking any table headers


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What counts as a retro?

Retrium counts “real retros” to determine Team Room activity. Retrium defines a real retro as meeting the following criteria:

  • Has three or more participants
  • Reaches the Discuss phase (for all sticky note techniques) or the Analyze Phase (for all radar techniques)

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If you have any questions about accessing reports in Retrium, please contact our support team for assistance.