How to edit settings for an existing Team Room

Need to make a change to your Team Room? Follow the steps below to learn how!

This article applies to:

All plans

Org Admins, Org Managers

To change settings for a Team Room, first enter the Team Room and click Settings at the top of the screen.

💡 Org Admins and Org Managers can edit settings of Team Rooms they're not a part of. Any changes made from the Settings page (along with other actions) are logged in the Team Room Activity Log.

On the Team Room Settings page, you'll see the following:


From here, you can: 

  • Edit the Team Room name. (This action is available to all Team Room Members.)
  • View the Activity Log to see what actions have been taken in the Team Room.
  • Deactivate the team room if you no longer wish to run retrospectives with this team or access the Team Room History, or activate a previously deactivated Team Room.
  • Change the type of team room to either public or private. (Learn more.)