How to integrate Jira Cloud with your action plan

Retrium’s Jira Cloud integration allows you to export action items from your Retrium team room to your Jira project.

This article applies to:

All plans

All roles

Table of Contents

How to connect your Jira account

  1. Navigate to the Retrium user settings by clicking on your profile picture in the top right corner of your home page

  2. Click Connect to Jira Cloud

  3. A window will pop up. Follow the prompts to sign-in to your Atlassian account.


How to export action items to Jira

  1. Select the action items you’d like to export.
  2. Click the “Export selected” button at the top of your action plan, and select “Export to Jira.
  3. Select the Project and Issue type for the action items you’ll be exporting.
  4. Once the action items successfully export, you will see them as new tickets in the Jira project you selected. The tickets will also have a link back to Retrium for an easy cross-reference.


Troubleshooting Jira Cloud integration

Why are the Jira issue types grayed out and unavailable to be uploaded into Jira Cloud?

Currently the only reason an issue type is grayed out is that it has custom required fields in addition to Jira's default required fields for issue types. We don't support issue types with custom required fields. To test this, you can either delete the custom required fields or create a new project with no extra required fields for Retrium uploads.