Remote Work Radar

Learn how to facilitate the Remote Work radar

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Use this radar if your team is working fully or partially remote or will be working remotely, and you want to discuss how it’s going (or how it will go). Learning how to work together as a team can be difficult enough, but remote work can add extra challenges related to communication, expectations, and tooling.

Facilitating the Process

We suggest having your team create a shared definition of (and then rating) the following topics included in the remote work environment radar retrospective in Retrium:

  1. Focus Time

  2. Work Space

  3. Tool Reliability

  4. Team Collaboration

  5. Task Clarity

You can always edit or replace a label with something else about your remote work environment that you want to assess during the “define” phase. Once the team has provided ratings during the “collect” phase, you’ll be able to explore where there’s agreement and where there are high or low scores during the “analyze” step.

Analyzing the Results

If you find disagreement or lower scores on any of these dimensions during your radar retrospective, you might consider running a column-based retrospective as a way to gather more insights and have a deeper discussion on that topic. For example, if you find low scores on tool reliability, you can have a follow-up conversation using a column-based retrospective to understand what tools are hindering the team.