Retrium technical requirements

Retrium is built using the latest technology. This makes Retrium faster and easier to use. Read on to find out more about the tech requirements to use Retrium.

This article applies to:

All plans

All roles

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Browser requirements 

Please ensure you are running one of the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome 35+

  • Mozilla Firefox 31+

  • Edge

  • Apple Safari 7+

💡 If you see an error in Retrium related to your browser, try another browser or upgrade your current browser to ensure Retrium works properly.


WebSockets should be enabled in your browser for Retrium. Without WebSockets, you may experience disconnections or other errors within the application. Some company networks might block Retrium's WebSockets or other traffic from and this functionality will be needed to use the application. 

Mobile device support:

Retrium can be accessed through any mobile device that supports using an internet browser, including tablets and phones. For some of the phases (e.g. Think, Group) it can be challenging to participate with a device with a small screen and we recommend joining from a computer.

Retrium is continuously working to improve our mobile experience and we appreciate all feedback! You can provide feedback through our Feedback Portal.


Retrium supports auto-provisioning users based on your group with the SAML SSO configuration. This will grant users of Business or Enterprise Editions access to Retrium per your internal provisioning process; however, it will not assign them to Team Rooms. 
Retrium also has a SCIM API that allows for user management. For additional information on the API, see this page.