Scrum Ceremonies Radar

Learn how to facilitate the Scrum Ceremonies Radar

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Scrum ceremonies are the foundation of the Scrum process. Use this template to evaluate how well your ceremonies are going as your team rates its effectiveness on each one of the following areas. 

  1. Sprint Planning

  2. Daily Standup

  3. Sprint Review

  4. Backlog Refinement

  5. Retrospective

Facilitating the Process

Be sure to make sure you’re on the same page about the meaning of each term (during the “define” phase) before your team provides ratings during the “collect” phase. If you don’t use one of the ceremonies, you might consider deleting it or replacing it with another meeting or ceremony that you do engage in as a team.

Analyzing the Results

Once you collect the ratings from everyone and proceed to the “analyze” phase of the retrospective, you’ll be able to see the scores for your team. If you find disagreement or lower scores on these dimensions during your radar retrospective, we would encourage you to run a column-based retrospective as a way to gather more insights and have a deeper discussion on the topic. For example, if you find that daily standups have a lot of disagreement, you might consider having a retrospective to understand why some people find them valuable and others don’t.