Start, Stop, Continue

Learn how to facilitate the sticky note technique Start, Stop, Continue

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This straightforward technique balances reflecting on the past with creating practical ideas for improvement in the future, and it can be used to discuss your last increment or work (like a sprint iteration or project) or about a specific topic (like team communication or deployments). 

Many companies and teams focus on taking on more and more work, but that often leads to everything being the top priority. This technique can help your team double down and continue with what's working. At the same time, your team can consider new things to start and what to drop in order to make the teamwork together most effectively.

Facilitating the Process

The process of running this type of retrospective in Retrium works like this:

  1. Everyone brainstorms ideas to add to sticky notes under the "start," "stop," and "continue" columns in the "think" phase

  2. The team then organizes sticky notes they with to discuss together during the "group" stage 

  3. Everyone privately votes on which notes or groups they think are important to discuss during the "vote" phase

  4. Retrium organizes the most important topics in order of votes during the "discuss" step, where your team can choose to discuss one or more items and turn the next steps into specific action items

  5. The team can then reflect on the effectiveness of the retrospective as a whole during the "close" phase, and your team can choose to review those results before concluding the meeting