How do I update my billing information?

Need to update your payment method, billing address, or billing email? Look no further!

This article applies to:

Team Edition

Org Admins


Update payment card

  1. Navigate to the Administration tab in your Retrium account.
  2. Scroll down to the Payment Information box.
  3. Click the Update button to change your credit card billing information.
  4. Enter your new credit card details and click Save.

Update billing email or address

  1. Click on the field you would like to update, add the necessary information, then click Save.

Update Billing Administration Tab

💡 If you need someone from a finance team to manage your billing information, you can add them to your account as an Org Admin. As long as this Org Admin is not invited to any private Team Rooms, they will not be able to access or view the information in the Team Rooms. You can also add a billing email for receipts to be sent.