What is an Organization?

Organizations are a system of connecting people and Team Rooms in your company under one billing account

This article applies to:

All plans

All roles

Organizations provide an easy way to organize and view all the people and teams you work with that use Retrium, regardless of whether you have one or one hundred teams running retrospectives. When you start a free trial, an organization is created with a single team room. 

org_navbar_zoom_newAt the organization level, you can

💡 If you were invited to join Retrium via email invitation or link, you will not need to set up an organization. 

Manage members of your organization 

From the Members tab of your organization, you can invite new members to the organization by using the Invite New Members field. You can invite members one-at-a-time, or up to twenty at once by adding each email separated by a comma.

💡 Adding a user to the Members tab at the organization level does not add them to a Team Room. To add people to a Team Room, a member of the Team Room must invite them.

Organization Admins can also export a list of members and manage user roles from this tab. Learn more about Retrium's roles and permissions

Edit organization settings

Org Admins can update organization settings through the Administration tab such as:

  • Edit the name of the organization
  • Update billing information (Team Edition)
  • Download invoices (Team Edition)