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Whitelisting Email Domains

Limit and manage access by email domain for your organization.

🗒️ This article is for Business and Enterprise Edition subscriptions with Single Sign-On (SSO) enabled. 

Whitelisting domains in Retrium allows you to manage what email domains can be invited to join a team room for a retrospective. 

There are two types of Whitelist Domains

Permanent Email Domains

    • These can only be edited by contacting support@retrium.com.

    • By default, any domains configured for single sign-on will be listed as a permanent email domain.

Editable Email Domains

You can add an unlimited number of email domains to your whitelist. 

  1. Org Admins will navigate to the Administration tab and scroll down to the Email Domains Whitelist. 
  2. Type in the domain you wish to allow access to your Organization. You do not need to include the @ symbol. For example, if you wanted to invite a Retrium team member to access your organization, you'd add "retrium.com" to the editable domain list. 

🗒️ By default, all new users are considered Org Members. If you would like to change the permissions and roles of new users, Org Admins can do so in the Members tab. 

Screen Shot 2021-06-07 at 3.21.09 PM

We understand that some email domains may need temporary access. If you would like to delete a domain from the whitelist, click and hold the trashcan next to the domain name.

❗Removing a domain will not automatically remove members with that email domain. You will need to return to the Members tab, search for the domain and select to remove those users.