What does the retrospective facilitator do?

The role and responsibility of any retrospective facilitator is to help keep the retro focused and productive.

Move from phase to phase

Retrium's column-based retrospectives have a number of phases to them: Think, Group, Vote, Discuss, and Close. The retrospective facilitator is responsible for moving the team from one phase to another within the retrospective meeting. To do that, simply click on the orange arrow in the bottom nav bar. A window will pop up and ask you to confirm.


Support conflict resolution during grouping

In the grouping phase, everyone can drag and drop cards to create topics of conversation. Sometimes there may be disagreement about where a card belongs. By monitoring the activity during the group phase, the retrospective facilitator will know if a discussion is needed to decide where the card in question should be placed. 

Record action items

In the discussion phase, the retrospective facilitator is the only one who is able to record action items.

Time boxing the retrospective

You can use the time boxing method to time any portion of your retrospective using the timer feature in the action menu. To access the timer, the retrospective facilitator clicks on the timer icon in the bottom nav bar. Facilitators can add time, reset and pause the timer, and send an alert sound to participants during the retrospective.

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Anyone who has access to your team room can be the retrospective facilitator or take over facilitation duties. The facilitator at the beginning of your retrospective is determined by the person who selects the retrospective technique in your team room and clicks Start Retro